Twilight by: Stephenie Meyer


Twilight by: Stephenie Meyer. I know what you are thinking, for those of you who are fans it is probably one of your favorites too. However, if are not a fan you lie in two groups: 1. you think the whole concept is trivial and a bit tweenish and 2. you are open to the idea but prefer Anne Rice’s version of vampires. Either way, this is my blog and convey’s my opinion.

Twilight is a book that I not only enjoy, but love. I found the series shortly after the deaths of my lab mixes, and was drawn to them by a mindless existence in movie theaters and bookstores. It was unlike anything I had seen or read before, and I must admit I saw the movie before reading the book. Being the reader that I am the movie was not enough, it is but a mere glimpse into a world that a book will submerge you into. It was the perfect escape for my devastating loss. If you let it, the world that is Twilight can take over your senses, can make you believe in what you had given up on. While submerged in a world of magic how can you allow yourself to be deadened by the pain of reality?

The families love and understanding of one another is so complete and judgement free that it seemed unreal to me. And at the same time it made me wonder if that is how it’s supposed to be, if your family is meant to share your pain with you to understand your hurt so you aren’t alone. That is why it has wound its way into my heart, when I feel alone like that all I have to do is read a book, like this one and I can feel the love and understanding and the sadness will fade away.


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