Motivational Log Entry 1


Okay Annie, this past year has been tough and the year before wasn’t all that easy either, however it is no excuse for how far you have let yourself go. It is time to do something if you expect anything to happen in your life! The one thing that you have control over is yourself, you are the only person who decides how much you eat and how active you keep yourself. Because of this you are the only person who can turn what has become around into what will be.

Alright, now that all being said, lets start with what we know. Being 5’9″ you should weigh somewhere between 150 and 170lbs, currently we are at 242lbs, which means that we are between 70 and 90lbs overweight. This as you know puts unneeded pressure on your joints and increases your risk for many diseases/health issues, a few of which we may already be dealing with. I know that there are other factors of concern such as:

– measurements (waist @ bellybutton 43″, bust under 38″, bust over 41″, neck 14″, R bicep 15 1/2″, R wrist 7″, R thigh 28″, R calf 17 1/2″, R ankle 11″, L bicep 15″, L wrist 6 1/2″, L thigh 27 1/2″, L calf 16″, L ankle 10″, waist 46″, hips/booty 49 1/2″), BMI and blood pressure and cholestorol, the last three of which I have no idea what the values are. However, I think that our major concern right now should be mainly the weight issue.

I also know that many times you have led yourself to believe that your size was just bad genetics, now while some of that may be true, you also owe it to yourself to attempt a try at getting healthy and in shape. I want you to try your best to find something and/or someone that will motivate you to do your absolute best and make your workouts and diet really count.

Okay, so lets work on a plan of action.

Step one: Good workout routine. I’m thinking a combination of different things to keep us motivated and most important to deter boredom

-P90XLean, some walking, maybe some jumprope, swimming, taebo, core rhythms dance videos, yoga, etc.

Step two: A reasonable diet. It should be more than just cutting out junk food and eating better, but I also feel that it is counterproductive to forbid certain foods, and instead will maybe just limit the intake of whatever it is that we are craving.

Step three: Stay motivated, take pictures of things that motivate you, and take pictures of your progress. It may also help to monitor weekly your weight, and measurements just to show that what you are doing is making a difference.

Okay sweetie, that’s it for now, goodluck and Godspeed : )


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