Motivational Log Entry 2


Alright Annie, today’s the day. It is officially time to take those nasty before pictures and start working out. I know that you hate working out, and I do mean HATE, but this was your idea remember? You were the one who wanted to be healthy and fit so that you could enjoy your life more, right?

Okay so lets make a schedule that we can try to stick to, and lets give a specific list of things that we can substitute incase we don’t want to do the one specified.

Today is day one, and it is Monday, so we should pick something that we know that we enjoy: P90X Core Synergistics! (WooHoo!) -Sorry I figured that the extra excitement would keep you motivated. I have also notified your social networks (evil laugh: Muahahahaha!). Don’t hate me, having everyone know will help keep you more motivated than if just Team Beachbody knows, and you know it!

Lets try this for at least a month if not longer, then we will discuss changing things up a little. : )


Sunday: CoreRhythms-Any & 30 mins hardcore walking/jogging    ALT: Keep the walking/jogging & Taebo-Any OR P90X-ABRipperX

Monday: P90X-Core Synergistics    ALT: Taebo-Bootcamp OR CoreRhythms-Any

Tuesday: P90X-Shoulders & Arms    ALT: 45mins of Free Weights & 20mins jogging

Wednesday: Taebo-Celebfit Cardio    ALT: P90X-CardioX OR CoreRhythms-LatinCardio

Thursday: P90X-X Stretch     ALT: 30mins of hard core walking/jogging & TaiChi

Friday: P90X-Legs&Back    ALT:Taebo-Any OR P90X-KenpoX OR CoreRhythms-Any

Saturday: Yoga & 30mins hardcore walking/jogging ALT: Keep the walking/jogging & TaiChi OR Qigong

You can do this! I love ya,


P.S. I know that you really hate cardio, but it is necessary to any weightloss regime


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