For my Sweet Jackie Bear


Rest in Peace, Sweet Jackie Bear(10/15/08)

I wonder if Christ had a little black dog,
All curly and wooly like mine,
With two silk ears and a nose round and wet,
And two eyes brown and tender that shine;…
I’m afraid that He hadn’t, because I have read
… How he prayed in the Garden alone,
When all his friends and disciples had fled,
Even Peter, the one called a stone.
And Oh, I am sure that little black dog
With a true heart so tender and warm
Would never have left Him to suffer alone,
But creeping right under His arm,
Would have licked those dear fingers in agony clasped,
And counting all favors but loss,
When they led Him away, would have trotted behind
And followed Him quite to the cross.
-The Little Black Dog
By: Elizabeth Gardner Reynolds
I will love you always Sweet Bear

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