Previously MIA


As you know I have been MIA (missing in action) from my blog since early January, I think that post had been about being MIA as well. I had wanted to get back into the habit of blogging and back into my fitness regime. And then in February I hurt my back, in early March I received the diagnosis that I was ailing from two bulging discs, one of which had a tear. I spent the next nearly 4 months on leave from work, in physical therapy and in quite a lot of pain. I have been back to work now for 3 weeks and am looking forward to getting back on track fitness wise as well.

Before I hurt my back I had been dieting and working out 3x a week, and had gotten myself down to 225, during my injury I gained 7 of those pounds back and since my re-emergence to work I have fallen back to 228. My current doctor wants me to get all the way down to 140, I am 5’10” and believe this will be quite the stretch, that is his goal for me. The goal I have set for myself is to just get in shape, I would however like to get down to the weight I was in High School (160). 

My current measurements will be up soon…I’m thinking tomorrow…and I will also be explaining my daily/weekly exercise goals in this entry as well. I have been highly unmotivated to work out as of yet and I am hoping to rectify this as of this week as well. Stay tuned.

Lots of Love,



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