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Liar Liar Pants on Fire and Other News


MIA, MIA, MIA…do you see a theme here? MIA seems to be all my blog posts are about, which is ridiculous. I want to be able to blog on a regular basis, and yet every time I write a blog saying I’m going to get back up on that blogging horse, life takes a turn and I’m yet again MIA. The last post was all the way back in mid summer, and to be honest I had absolutely nothing going on at that point that would have deterred me from writing. Nothing except for my own procrastination and preoccupation with relaxation and not doing anything that requires too much brain power.

In my last entry I was discussing getting back into a workout routine and diet plan, well as you’ve probably guessed it, I haven’t done any of that. As I mentioned before I had injured my back in February, I have been on pain medications and muscle relaxers since, and it was incredible wishful thinking back in July that I would be able to start working out. Well if I haven’t been working out, what have I been doing you might ask. Well here’s the rundown on my year since my last debut.

In August we went on our yearly visit to Minnesota (one of my favorite places in the world) to visit my Dad’s family. We always stay with my sweet Grandma in Blaine, it’s where my Daddy grew up. We were there for almost two full weeks, and got to see my Aunts and Uncle and my lovely cousin. Dad and Shane (my little brother) even had me working out with them…well a little. We would go and play basketball in the morning and take the long way back to Grandma’s. Dad and Shane did about a half an hour more working out than I did, and harder too, but still with my back it was something. In Minne we did everything that we usually do like going to the Mall (as in MOA…The Mall of America) and a few trips to Zantigo’s and White Castle. We also got to spend time with family everyday, though it was a little different this year as Grandma was recovering from knee surgery and was unable to leave the house. We also caught a great Twins game and a few movies from this old timey theater which was so fun. I miss Minnesota and my family there so much.

Shortly after returning to Colorado I started Dental Assisting School at Concorde University, which I love immensely. But it is a very fast program meaning that I have an exam or an assignment or a report or some task to be graded on each day. I’ve since convinced myself that this is the reason why I haven’t been blogging as frequently as wanted, but as this is a recurrent theme of mine I highly doubt it.

In short I wont be pledging to blog regularly, since it tends to lead me into a liar, liar, pants on fire situation. Instead I hope it just might happen on its own.

Much Love,