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Things that I want to do before I die, my bucket list if you will

Before I Die…


Before I Die…

1. I want to See

– Ireland, England, Scotland, Russia, Romania, Poland, France, Slovakia, China, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India

– Washington, Montana, Massachusetts, Louisiana, North Carolina, Maine, New York

2. I want to have acheived something in my life

3. I would like to have tried

– skydiving, rock climbing

4. I want to read the Bible

5. I want to meet someone truely awe inspiring

6. I want to change someone’s life for the better

7. I want to go to

-an opera, a play on broadway, a concert of a top orchestra

8. I want to be fit and healthy at least once in my life

9. I want to learn how

– To dance, to shoot a gun, swim, to play the piano(maybe more), to speak at least a little of a lot of languages

10. I want to love so deeply it actually hurts

11. I want to go

– on safari in Africa, whale watching, swim with the dolphins, pretty much have every good animal experience I can